Accounting and consulting services

Accounting and consulting services

Accounting Services
We are happy to offer you the services of financial and tax accounting of the companies with foreign investments of all forms of taxation:

  • consultations on current activities;
  • compilation and analysis of primary documentation;
  • preparation and submission of reports and other documents to the relevant authorities;
  • calculation of taxes and other required payments to the budget;
  • representation in supervisory bodies during the inspections;
  • informing on amendments to the effective legislation.

The order of services rendering:

  • analysis of economic activities of the Customer;
  • approval of implementation of the commitments by the parties;
  • entering into accounting services agreement.

Cooperating with our company ensures you:

  • reliable partner in your business activities;
  • qualified professionals possessing of 8-12 years of accounting experience;
  • saving on the cost of maintaining a staff accountant (workplace organization, training, paying taxes related to payment of salary and social security). Deductibility of your accounting costs;
  • affordable and transparent price – market “price-money” ratio;
  • privacy and responsibility stipulated by the terms of the entered agreement;
  • individual approach to the client.

As an additional service, our professional will help you to:

  • carry out registration of individual entrepreneurs and legal entities (including ones with foreign investment), “turnkey” basis;
  • perform legal support of business project;
  • make changes and additions to the constituent documents;
  • develop, conduct legal analysis of commercial and civil agreements;
  • represent the interests in economic and administrative courts;
  • keep HR records;
  • prepare business plan, business case, investment project;
  • perform budget planning;
  • perform accounting and legal training.

Many IT companies prefer working with Private Enterpeneurs (freelancers) from all over Ukraine. To arrange all the formalities connected with this we offer a full range of services to sole proprietors: opening, carrying out and closing of an entity.

Clients that rely on us save time of their valuable experts registered as sole proprietors allowing them to focus on solution of special tasks coming directly from the Client and not to think about operating nuances. Taking into account peculiarities of work of each Client, we help shift the burden of labor consuming accounting operations of sole proprietors from your shoulders to ours in full.

We have already found the most tested, experienced, skilled accounting professionals who support over 6,500 sole proprietors today.
Ongoing optimizing business performance has prompted many finance executives to look for new approaches, including the outsourcing of the finance & accounting organization. BLP Group is perfectly suited to help your company transform into a high-performance organization that simplifies processes, reduces costs and saves your time, letting you focus on your profile business and Customers.

According to a recent survey, more than 80% of global companies use outsourcing and/or Shared Service Centers (SSC) for Finance & Accounting processes.
They use these sourcing strategies for F&A processes to reduce operational costs, increase process efficiency and support business strategies.
You may wonder whether establishing a SSC is the right step for your company