The specific price of legal services, like the cost of a lawyer`s services, depends on many factors and, as a rule, is calculated individually. The qualification of the specialist and the complexity of the legal assistance provided are taken into account. The total cost of each specific case corresponds to the complexity of the situation and the scope of the specialist`s work.

Lawyers can be paid for their work in several ways: at a fixed rate, hourly, by the result, and for those who order the subscription service of the enterprise - at a fixed monthly fee plus payment for services that are not included in the package, if any. The contract may provide for a reward for success - by agreement.

  • Consultation with an English speaking lawyer from UAH 2000
  • The cost of 1 hour of work is UAH 2500 (when calculating the hourly cost of services)
  • Lawyer request from 2500UAH
  • Representation in a court session from UAH 3000
  • Legal analysis of contracts from UAH 5500
  • Development of a contract from UAH 6000
  • Preparation of a statement of claim, appeal, cassation complaint (collection and study of materials, preparation of the text of the statement, submission to the court) from UAH 6000
  • Complex representation in court (familiarization with case materials, collection of evidence, preparation of all necessary procedural documents and participation in court sessions) from 8,000
  • Client protection in a criminal case from UAH 4000/hour