Services for IT

Services for IT

Known for its efficiency in dealing with complex legal issues, BLP Group certainly lives up to its successful reputation for a high level of professionalism.

First of all, this is evident in the ability to implement a strategy to protect its customers in all situations of conflict and litigation.
It is an individual approach, combined with a professional understanding of the legal business, allows the company to be successful, since its discovery.

In BLP Group believe that quality results achievable only with responsible attitude to the comprehensive protection of the interests of its customers and the optimal combination of financial and time aspects.

The professionals of BLP Group have the unique experience of legal support for projects in the sphere of IT-business. We have long experience in legal advising of IT companies, and we are well aware of all the intricacies of the industry of information technology and Internet projects. Our lawyers familiar with specifics of work IT-companies and key problems of innovation business, which allows us to talk to customers in a single language.

Our advantages are weighed decisions in choosing the optimal business model in the IT sphere; prompt answers to the most complex and unusual issues arising during the implementation of IT-project; preparation of a complete set of documents for proper implementation of the IT project; effective legal protection for the rights of domain names, websites, software and other intellectual property rights. Moreover, most importantly - a comprehensive legal support for the project from idea to start-up and implementation.

We offer ready solutions tested in practice. In the development of new solutions based on the knowledge of current trends in technologies and business models, offered in the IT-market.
The proposed solutions fully take into account the tax and legal risks of business operations and the financial schemes of the customers in the field of information technology.