Legal services

Legal services

Legal services:


  • Legal risks evaluation of IT project.
  • Legal support for the launch of IT-startups.
  • Development of an optimal model of entering the IT-project in terms of tax and legal risks.
  • Development of the holding structure for IT-business in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Development of optimal variants of the legal, contractual and tax model IT project.
  • Advising on the optimal organization of labor relations in the IT-company (employees, LLC, performers under civil law contracts).
  • Development of a full package of documents required for the implementation of IT-projects (internal regulations of business processes, user agreements, offers, contracts with users and Merchant, contracts with transport companies courier services, contracts with payment gateways, sample posts (messages), disclaimer, resulting in the commission of the users of certain actions.
  • Legal support for the launch of the Internet project, including Work with IT-specialist and designer of the site for placement of robotic programs that form documents (contracts, reports, etc.), and the necessary information is made available to users (disclaimer, reports confirm the consent to the terms of operation, etc..).
  • Legal support for attraction investments in start-ups, analysis, and preparation of venture capital transactions.
  • Resolution of conflicts related to the trademarks and domain names, placing false information on the site (protection of business reputation), charged with "spam", allegations of violations of the current legislation on communications and others.
  • Registration of the domain name, program, trademark, TM.
  • Development of licensing agreements and franchise contracts.
  • Preparation of documents to protect the company from claims of employees - software developers.
  • Representing the interests of IT companies in disputes with customers of their services.
  • Participation in the solution of conflicts between the beneficiaries of IT projects.

IT business registration

Legal and consulting company BLP Group provides consulting, legal, law services in cyberlaw, as well as services in the field of information security. Our mission is to prove the importance and set a priority jf cybersecurity and regulation of social relations in Cyberlaw.

The procedure for IT business is practically no different from the registration of another type of business. After all, legal entities and sole proprietors are registered in the uniform order established by the Ukrainian legislation. At the same time, the models by which an IT company can organize its work can be different.
One such model may be coworking. This is a model for organizing the work of freelancers in a single working space. That is, anyone who wants can rent a job and work on his project at any time.
Another common model is the creation of a legal entity and the receipt of services from individuals-entrepreneurs. This model of IT business organization can be called the most successful. Indeed, as practice shows, foreign customers are willing to receive services from legal entities and in fact do not cooperate with individual entrepreneurs.

Cybersecurity consulting

Cybersecurity consulting is carried out to ensure the security of information systems, assets, and bringing them into compliance with world information security standards.
The goal of bringing the information security standards in line with the standards is to create conditions that will help monitor, preserve and ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information resources and assets.
The correspondence of the information security management system to the world quality standards will give the following opportunities:

  • increase productivity by optimizing business processes within the company;
  • Save costs by protecting the information of the company, and customers, which implies no damage from incidents in the field of information security;
  • to increase the level of trust of potential customers and partners, due to the transparency of the work of individual departments and the whole company as a whole;
  • open new opportunities for business development;
  • favorably reflect on the company’s image in the eyes of partners and customers, both potential and existing ones.

Reputation management

Goodwill — a set of confirmed information about the legal or natural person on the basis of which it is possible to do conclusion of administrative, professional and other skills, as well as its integrity and compatibility of its operations with current law.
The main components of reputation, which together give an adequate assessment of any business is Goodwill (monetary definition of goodwill) and Image (the company’s ability to attract emotionally).
Goodwill — is one of the most important intangible human assets.
Today, for effective business results must maintain an active information policy on the Internet, create a positive image and excellent reputation in the eyes of the target audience.
The «Managing the image and reputation on the Internet» — a set of measures, consisting of:

  • preventing the spread of false information, damaging the image and reputation of the client;
  • continuous monitoring of information available online and the official media and other web rursah (media resources);
  • analysis and adjustment of the results of search engines for searches and keywords related to the subject of monitoring image and reputation;
  • audit and operational processing of content in terms of its authenticity;
  • appropriate measures of technical, legal and procedural nature under the plan agreed with the customer