Insurance indemnity if the insurer is bankrupt

Our company professionally works with insolvency cases of insurance companies. Therefore, we will assist you in obtaining insurance indemnity. In accordance with Ukrainian laws MTIBU at the expense of the fund of protection of victims compensates for damage in the event of insufficient funds and property of the insurer, a participant of MTIBU, declared bankrupt and / or liquidated, according to the contracts of compulsory insurance of civil liability.

Why do you need to contact us:

  • We fully understand the procedure for making regular payments to MTIBU, so we can help correctly prepare all necessary documents for this and submit them to the Bureau.
  • Our company has formed a significant base of appraisers and emergency commissars who have worked with troubled insurance companies and have been involved in the assessment of damaged cars and property. Therefore, in many cases, we will be able to recover the documents necessary for submission to MTIBU. If the insurance company`s office is already closed and the car is repaired - otherwise it is impossible to solve this problem and it will be impossible to obtain insurance indemnity.